Monday, June 20, 2011

Devin's 5th Bash - Mickey Mouse Style

Yes, Devin's birthday party was in early April but I was so proud of this party that I had to share!

Devin picked his theme this year and I have to admit that I wasn't thrilled with it at first.  When he said Micky Mouse all I could think about was the tacky decorations that you see in the party stores.  But thankfully my handy Cricut I was able to come up with some things that I was truly excited about!

This sign welcomed guests as they approached the front door.

The "party room".  Devin was sooooo excited for his party to start.  He waited in the front room pacing in front of the window.  He may get his impatient nature from me...  

Party Tip: An easy way to add color to the party is with balloons and 
the kids love taking them home at the end of the party...feels like and "extra" favor.

The party table was so fun! 

In the center of the table I placed two white circle cut outs, again to resemble Mickey's 
shorts, and placed the "centerpieces" on them.  I made these using empty puff containers 
and spray painted them and then added the Mickey head ribbon in the center.  I used my 
Cricut to create the "bouquet" portion.

The place settings: I found a cheap pack of red plates with some picnic 

products at Wal-Mart and used them as chargers.  The Mickey hand plates I found at Target.  
How cute are they?!?!?!?  For the cups I bought red paper party cups and hot glued two 
white circles on each cup to resemble Mickey's shorts.

Some decor I made to hang from the chandelier

The cake "table"
Party Tip: using a table covering on party surfaces adds big impact!

I used a large foam sheet and hot glued on cuts out made with my Cricut. 
(i glued the foam sheet to the plastic table shirt)

I decorated a few frames to display some of his pictures.

I made, from scratch, chocolate cupcakes with cookies 'n cream buttercream icing.  YUM!  
And yes, I made the toppers and wrappers with my Cricut.

And the birthday cake.  The baker I usually used wasn't able to do his cake.  : (
But the cake we got turned out great.  Devin and I came up with the design and I had him color a picture and he took that when we ordered his cake.  He felt VERY important.

I made a "Pin The Nose On Mickey" game out of cardboard, spraypaint and Cricut cutouts.

Decorations hanging in the kitchen

Another birthday sign

The food table

Can you tell I love using my Cricut?

PB&Js in the shape of stars, the Mickey head cookie cutter was too big for the bread  : (

My pitiful attempt at decorating sugar cookies

Rice Krispy treats in the shapes of stars and Mickey heads, some dipped or drizzled with/in chocolate.

Favor/Memory table.  I displayed the scrapbooks that I have made for Devin. (one for each year)

Favor Bags: each filled with a coloring book, crayons, pencils, a watch, silly bands, frisbee...
all were Mickey Mouse themed

The Birthday Boy!

Guests arriving and getting a snack

Look at all those cutie pies!

Time for games!  The kids really got into this!  I finally had to put an end to this to move the party along.  SO glad they enjoyed it!

The pinata was great fun!  I made the pinata using a tutorial I found on a blog.  
Wish I could remember where...  But I think I did too good of a job because we 
finally had to take it down and rip it open....oooppps!

Present And Cake Time!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You....

Devin actually started asking people when they were going to leave so he could play with his presents....  We may have to work on those manners a little more.

I still can't believe that Devin is already 5 years old!!!!!!  It seems like he was just born
and at the same time I can barely remember what like was like before him.  I am so 
thankful that God chose me to be his mommy.  

When I think back to the day he was born I am flooded with that feeling of overwhelming joy.  That day was so surreal... I will NEVER forget holding him in my arms and being completely freaked out and so excited all at once.  The love you feel for your children is a love like no other.  It is amazing!