Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Weekend

Another weekend came and went way too fast! Saturday was my parent's anniversary so Joe and I sent them to dinner at Taverna in Dallas. They really seemed to enjoy it, I guess it is a little hard to do anything alone when you have teenagers still at home... Saturday was also my grandmother's birthday so Joe and I sent her a basket full of flowers with butterflies on it, she loves butterflies! Saturday morning Joe worked on the patio some more, it is really coming along! All he has left to do is plant to rest of the Mondo Grass in-between the stones and get the patio furniture. (there is a pic below) That evening we went over to Adam and Ruthann's house, John and Tammie are in town for the weekend.
Sunday we met for lunch with my parents, my dad's departure date for Mississippi got pushed to Wed. so he has a few more days to take care of things before he is gone. I felt pretty blah all this seems as though the nausea is getting worse rather than better.
Well that is it for the evening, catch ya tomorrow.

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Ruthann said...

Hey, tell Joe it looks great and his hard work is paying off! We are so glad we got to hang out this weekend! Hope the nausea goes away soon.