Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally Home For The Day!

Work was never ending boredom, I had the hardest time trying to stay awake! You think I would have been full of energy since I slept most of the day yesterday... After work I went to my parents to see my dad again before he leaves tomorrow...I don't like goodbyes very much. Good news is he may be able to come home this weekend before things get too busy for them. Joe had to work late today so he didn't get to come down to my parents with me and he is already asleep now that I am home...I missed spending time with him today.
I forgot to mention yesterday that on Saturday night Clinton's , Jenn's boyfriend, grandma passed away. Hopefully Joe and I will be able to make the funeral this Saturday to show our support to Clinton. Clinton was very close to his grandmother and his family could use our prayers!
Good night!

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