Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Asher!

Another weekend came and went... Saturday morning Joe worked in the yard while I ran some errands and then we headed out to Amy and Stephen's house for Asher's birthday party. We really had a good time and enjoyed seeing everyone, Nick got to come hang out with us after he got off of work. Asher was too adorable opening his presents and eating his birthday cake! He was even cuter trying to figure out how to operate his new presents. Amy and Stephen were tormenting everyone with "Is it a boy or Is it a girl", so they finally told us but I won't post it on the blog until she does on hers....just in case she hasn't told anyone herself. Asher's birthday really made me excited for our little one to arrive! Sunday Joe piddled in the yard for about an hour and then we just vegged. My tummy was a little upset yesterday so I really didn't feel up to much. We did watch Extreme Makeover Home Addition and as usual I sobbed the entire way through it. I love that show!!!!!
Have a great week!

ABOVE: Asher with Joe

ABOVE: Asher eating his birthday cake

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