Monday, October 31, 2005

Only 179 more days until the baby is here!

Well this weekend, just as all of the others, went by entirely too fast! Friday night Joe had to be at work late so I did a lot of watching tv....Once he got home Jennifer and Clinton got out to the house some time after 9. Gina called me on her new cell phone and we talked for a really long time! It was so good to hear her voice, I miss her terribly!!!!! She told me about home much she is enjoying the Navy, all about her classes and her duties on base, going to the beach and of course all about the cutie pie sailors. She is going to be able to take a 2 weeks leave and come home. She will be in Austin for a few days seeing her friends and then she will be in Dallas to see all of us, she promised that she would stay with us one of the weekends she is home! Joe and I were invited to a Halloween party on Friday night at Adam and Ruthann's house but I didn't really feel like going to a party alone and I just feel like the fat pregnant lady that needs to stay home. So Saturday Joe and I went to see Brady march at the Area UIL competition in North Richland hills and his school ended up going on early and we walked up just as they were walking off of the field...I could tell that Brady was disappointed but Joe and I went ahead and stayed to watch the rest of the competition with him. He really is growing up too fast! After the competition Joe and I had dinner with my mom and Grandma King and we ended up staying at the restaurant and talking for about 3 hours. Sunday I met with Stacy and her Avon Executive Leader for lunch to complete my signup paperwork and then Stacy and I went shopping at Target. When Stacy and I got back to the house Joe was still out in the backyard working and oh my gosh does it look great! I will take some pictures of it this week and post them. So that was our weekend...nothing too eventful.

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