Monday, January 30, 2006


This weekend felt like a blink of an eye! Friday night the guys and girls split up and the guys went over to Seth and Missy's house to hang out and the girls came over to our place. It was nice to sit and visit. Saturday night we went down to my parents to visit with my Grandma King's brother while he was in town. My cousin and his wife and two kids were there and we haven't seen them in ages! They just had their second child 10 weeks ago, she is too precious for words! Sunday was spent taking care of our "Things To Do Before The Baby Comes" list. We cleared out the baby's room and started painting with one of the two colors that we are going to use and painted the hallway back to the spare bedrooms. We are going to finish painting the baby's room this week and get the valance hung. Hopefully we can get the furniture soon! Next weekend we are going to tackle painting our bedroom to match the new bedding we got and then we will be done with the manual labor for a while. I absolutely despise painting!!!!!!
On Saturday I got a message from my doctor's office that the blood work to check for gestational diabetes came back normal, what a relief! When I went in last Thursday to see the doctor she was concerned that my uterus was measuring big and scheduled me for a sonogram today to check the baby's size. Even though the thought of giving birth to a large baby scares me to death, I am really excited to get to take a peek at him again! After the doctor appt I will have Joe take the sonogram print out back to work so he can scan it and I can post it for everyone.
Have a good Monday!

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