Friday, February 17, 2006

This & That

Wow this week has flown by! Work has been pretty busy but surprisingly bearable... We have a new person in our group and she is amazing, training her has been a breeze! We are suppose to get some crazy weather sometime late tonight with freezing rain. YUCK! My back is still bothering me quit a bit but I think I will live. ; ) I fell like Devin is growing by the second and so is my tummy! A lady in our office had her little girl yesterday and it makes me even more anxious for Devin to arrive. Our list of things to do around the house is looking smaller. Joe painted our bedroom last weekend and it looks so good! We got all of our new bedding on, set up Devin's bassinet and we just need to hang the curtains and get some decorations on the walls. We don't have much more to do in Devin's room but hang his window treatment, buy his dresser and hang some shelves. It feels like it is all coming together. Tonight we are going to Ant DeAnn & Terry's house for my Grandpa Kings 81st birthday dinner. Last year we had a big surprise party for his 80th and a bunch of family from out of town came in, it was a real treat for the family to get together. (below is a picture of me and Grandpa at his party last year)
Well that is it for now, hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm!

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