Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well Hello Stranger...

So I haven't posted anything in quit a while... Sorry but my son now makes my schedule for the day and he hasn't given me much time to do anything but take care of him! ; ) He is so precious!!!!! I am addicted!!!!

Things have been good lately...Nothing much to complain about. This week Joe's uncle and his family are in town. (I have posted pics of Grace & Molly before) We meet them, Aunt Cheryl, Nick and Bruce & Mary for dinner tonight. As we were sitting at dinner tonight Joe looked over to me and said "this is what family is" and just looked away. It is so crazy how your perspective on EVERYTHING in life changes once you have your first child... You just don't seem to have time for the petty things. Needless to say with family in town things are going to be a little busy. Tomorrow will be full of errands and Devin; Thursday will be cleaning the house and I am having dinner with my wonderful friend Julie; Friday I am going to my parent's to help my mom clean for company on Sunday and that night Joe's family is coming over to our place; Saturday we have a birthday party to go to, I am going to my parent's to visit with my dad who is in town for the weekend and to prepare food for Father's Day lunch and Sunday we are having Devin dedicated to the Lord and then we are having Father's Day lunch at my mom & dad's house. Whew! I am going to be beat come Monday!

Well...my boss, Devin, is calling for me to come and feed him.

Catch ya later!

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Jennifer said...

I swear...he has the cutest smile ever! I'm glad you posted an update! :) I'm sure finding time to do much of anything is a challenge!