Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Mariela!

Today we made a trip to "My Gym" for Mariela's 3rd birthday and Devin had a blast! For anyone who doesn't know what My Gym is, it is like Little Gym but WAY better! The kids had so much fun and it wasn't bad for the parents either. (Good job Darren & Karla!) You definitely know that you are in full swing of parenthood when the highlight of your Saturday is going to a toddler's birthday party and you are perfectly content with that! Anywho...I took a ton of pictures and posted some of my favorites. Enjoy!

My Big Boy!

He looks like he is up to something

Devin's Girlfriend Maddie

Sweet Baby Gavin

Go Bryce!

He Makes My Heart Melt!

Maddie & Devin Playin In The Bubbles

Happy Birthday Mariela!

My Sweet Boy


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