Saturday, August 02, 2008

It has been way too long!

Hello all! I can't believe how long it's been since I have posted something! With the impending arrival of Corbin I thought this might be any easy way to keep friends and family updated to what is happening in the Russo household.

This summer has been crazy busy with Stacy's wedding, my pregnancy and the pregnancy of every friend that I have! It is hot and I can hardly wait until Corbin can be in my arms and NOT in my ever expanding tummy! Devin is growing like a weed and turning into a little boy...he isn't mommy's baby anymore... : ( He has been sleeping in a big boy bed since the end of April and loves it! He no longer uses a highchair but sits at the table with Joe and I and has become very opinionated...wonder where he gets that from? I have posted a few recent pictures and will try very hard to keep the blog updated as frequently as possible.

Devin LOVES the park!

Devin also loves mommy's laptop!

Stacy's Bidal Shower

Brady's Graduation Party-he will be at UTA this fall enrolled in the Architecture Program

Devin & two of his great grandmothers

Stacy's Wedding

Devin was cuttin a rug at the reception! He stole the show! (sorry Stacy & Derek)

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