Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sunday Joe and I took the boys to the Arboretum for family time. Again we had grand expectations of getting cute pictures of the boys together but Devin was in a "No Pitcher" mood and Corbin slept the entire time. I got lots of candid shots of Devin running around and wanted to share a few. (there is actually more than just a "few") Enjoy!


Daddy & Devin


There is sweet Corbin doing was he does best (during the day)

He wanted Corbin to get out and play with him


"How can I get in there...."

Devin got a little help from Daddy climbing up there...


This is my last failed attempt at a posed picture for the day


Brittany said...

I love the "no more pitchers" picture! Didn't you love the arboretum? I did, but I think Jeremy hated it!

Anonymous said...

I think those candids make the best pictures!

Betsy said...

He looks so much like Joe to me. Cute pics and cute boys. I LOVE LITTLE BOYS!

Kelly said...

It was too crazy that we saw each other there!! I totally want to get together and catch up! I like Jannifer's idea of a playdate reunion! I'll email you and we can set it up. I'm dumb...is your email address 'jessicalrusso' or 'jessicarusso' or just 'russo'? Let me know :)