Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Adam and Ruthann invited us to go with the to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch so we packed up the boys and went out. This is the first time we have all 4 been anywhere together other than for a doctor appointment, we were a little nervous... We had great intentions of getting lots of pictures of the boys together and Devin wasn't havin it! (I even had them in coordinating outfits) Devin wanted to play and kept telling us "No Pitcher". (he was a little camera shy today, which is VERY unusual) I was able to get a few random shots of Devin but since he wouldn't sit still we had nobody to prop Corbin on to get any pictures of him. (I wasn't too keen on the idea of laying a 2.5 week old baby on hay or an uneven pumpkin) Maybe we can get some pumpkins and take some cute pictures of the boys in the front yard this week.

This weekend is Jennifer's, my sister, personal shower. I am really excited for it! It will be nice to have some girl time this Saturday and take my mommy hat off for a few hours. I can't believe my baby sister is getting married in 4 weeks! I am super happy for her and hope that everything goes smoothly that day!

Well, I am off to cuddle with my boys before bed time. Enjoy the pics! (I do have to warn that I may have gone overboard with posting pictures....I just happen to think that my kids are the cutest things ever!)

Sweet Corbin, this is what he did the entire time

He wasn't too excited about the hay, it was "YUCK"

D is "walkin it out"

Adam was getting him worked up

Pouting...So Pitiful

He is so ready to go home!


Sandy Toes said...

what a cutie! Pumpkin patches are so much fun!
-Sandy Toes

HD said...

there can never be too many pics of one's kids:) what cutie pies!

Betsy said...

They are precious!