Thursday, October 09, 2008

Things That I Love

A while back I did a list but it was before Corbin and Devin so I thought it was time for an update.... (listed in no particular order)

1. cuddling with my boys at bed time
2. tex-mex
3. scrap booking
4. Joe's days off work
5. ordering ANYTHING online and opening the package
6. spending time with my parents
7. decorating
8. sewing projects
9. Joann Fabrics
10. Diet Coke
11. watching my boys grow
12. Christmas!!!
13. Christmas Decorations (Joe doesn't like this one or all the crates of it in our attic)
14. Christmas Shopping (another one Joe doesn't like)
15. wrapping presents
16. play dates
17. watching Devin play at the park
18. watching my boys take naps
19. Tiffany's
20. the MAC store
21. Lipstick Jungle
22. baking
23. scented candles
24. getting to sleep in on Saturdays!
25. kisses from all three of my boys
26. planting flowers
27. floating in the pool on a hot summer day
28. the AC set at 73 degrees
29. birthday cake from Creative Memories
30. home
31. new handbags
32. spa days
33. giving gifts
34. family gatherings
35. card and/or boardgames!
36. Lake DeGray
37. taking a drive on a cool and sunny day with the windows down
38. Nordstrom's shoe department
39. date night with Joe
40. Kirby's
41. Devin's laugh!
42. snuggling with Joe on the couch to watch a movie
43. my girlfriends
44. anything that requires me to use hot glue
45. grosgrain ribbon
46. Antique Stores
47. surprises that I know about : )
48. uploading pictures to Flickr and ordering prints!
49. Blogging
50. sending notes to friends and family in the mail
51. stationary
52. kissing on Corbin's chin
53. James Avery charms
54. my husband
55. MY LIFE!


HD said...

What a great list:) Maybe I should do a list soon too, especially after the day I've already had;)

Jennifer said...

That's an awesome list, and you have many wonderful things on it!

ps-thanks for the comment! It was greatly appreciated!!!

Kimberly Riggle said...

I love the hot glue one. Made me laugh. :)