Thursday, November 06, 2008

Craft Time

Last night I decided I needed a "craft fix" so I ran to the store and picked up some wooden letters and came home and painted... I had originally painted the brown letters plaid but it looked too Christmasy. They didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped but they aren't too bad.


HD said...

Very cute!

Brittany said...

how cute!

Anonymous said...

I think it is very cute! You are so crafty!

Becky said...

OOOOOooo... I love it! Very crafty indeed and easy to do too which is important when you are a busy mom. The fall colors are perfect :-)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoy making new friends in the blog world. Your boys are ADORABLE by the way. I can tell your oldest keeps you on your toes.

Did I see little Mattie in the ladybug outfit on another blog for Monday Mission? She looks familiar.

Betsy said...

I sometimes get bit by that same crafting bug.