Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fun

I need to start out this post by stating that I have a WONDERFUL husband!!!! Today the hubby decided to take the day off to spend some time with the fam. (these days off are few and far between!) I'm not gonna lie we didn't get out of bed until around 10AM and got the boys cleaned up and ATTEMPTED to take pictures of the boys for this years Christmas card. Mommy was very disappointed with the outcome...after taking 116 pictures I still was not happy with the picture we chose but between a 2.5 year old and a 2 month old we were lucky to get anything! Devin was very upset about having to "hold" Corbin. He kept trying to push him away! Then Devin started crying and Corbin was just content as can be...I finally got Devin calmed down and being semi ok with "holding" his brother and then Corbin blew a gasket! AAGGGHHH!!!!! So I gave up! (I posted a few examples of the Christmas card photo shoot that almost drove Mommy to drinking)

We had lunch, got cleaned up and Joe insisted that I get out of the house and leave the boys with him! This was a grand gesture on his part but I knew that more than likely I would get the "when are you coming home" phone calls while I was out so I took Devin with me. Devin was so excited to go out with mommy all by himself! We haven't had mommy and Devin time in 2 months! I got a bunch of craft projects and I completed one...this is my attempt at a Christmas tassel.
Daddy "Watching" Corbin


jannifergrier said...

Oh my gosh, we tried to take our boys to get their picture made on Friday and it was a total fiasco! Ryan did NOT want to hold Reed either, he kept saying it hurt! I think we just have to go with what we get because they are both not going to cooperate at the same time! I definitely feel your picture pain!

HD said...

Don't you love it when the hubby gets to stay home during the week or gets off early? Those are my fav days:) Cute pics!!!!

Brittany said...

That last picture of Joe and Corbin is soooo sweet! I think you managed to get a few good shots for the christmas card! can't wait to see which one you choose! And, great job on the tassel!

Christine said...

I think your pictures turned out sweet...what two adorable boys you have! And as far as pictures go, another day might be better,…like right when they get up or during their most content part of the day. Isn't parenting exhausting! It always amazed me how refreshed and recharged I would get by just having a little time alone or like what you did one on one with the child. Not to mention, mine behaved so well one on one! My husband was very wise about giving me my own time alone. In the long run he got a better wife and the kids got a better mom! =O) As my husband to this day chants, “happy wife, happy life.” Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Simply Dandy said...

Just too cute!!! Oh and your tassel is cute too!!