Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Finally I am posting Halloween pictures of the cutest pirate & parrot and some of their friends! Enjoy!!

Daddy and our Pirate (Devin)

He refused to wear his hat and we opted to not have him carry the sword!

He had to examine every piece of candy!

Our Parrot, Corbin, sleeping...like always...

Stopping for a snack in the middle of someones driveway...

Maddie as a Ladybug (aka Devin's girlfriend)

Devin can't read so does it matter that he took about 20?

Batman Bryce was showing Pirate Devin how it is done

Here is baby Gavin as a pirate

GG & Corbin

GG & Devin

See Corbin does wake up sometimes! He was hot in his parrot outfit!


Brittany said...

How cute! Hope you are feeling much better!

HD said...

love the pics:) and the ghost onesie:)

jannifergrier said...

They are adorable in their costumes!