Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Photographer

Devin has a love/hate relationship with the camera. He loves the attention of having his picture taken but hates to pose for pictures. Obviously he also loves to play with the camera. When I found these pictures on the camera I thought "What in the world is this?!"...but as you go further you start to see him...he is such a nut!


Brittany said...

How cute! What a funny little man

HD said...

luke is really into taking pics too...he has his own digital camera, and there are some great photos of the floor on it:)

jannifergrier said...

I seem to have a lot of very similiar looking pictures.

Tanielle said...

So cute! My daughter does the same thing with my phone! I never know what pictures there will be! Too funny!

You have a beautiful family! Darling boys!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!


Christine said...

That is way to funny! Although I use to find these kinds of pictures at the photo store as I was having pictures developed, way back in the days before digital cameras! lol