Tuesday, March 17, 2009


What is the point of a blog if nobody can see it?!?!? To appease my very protective husband there will be less personal information posted but I'm not going anywhere!
To answer the question "What Happened?". Nothing. There wasn't a creepy man lurking in my email box or a fanatical "follower". My husband has been asking, aka nagging, me to make the blog private since I started it and I finally caved in. (the cave in didn't last long...) I do appreciate all the kind emails making sure everything was ok and asking me not to leave bog land.

I love all of the wonderful ladies I have met out here in blog land and I don't want to lose that. For a stay at home mom making posts and reading other blogs is like standing around the water cooler at the office having small talk with other ADULTS. It is wonderful to have a place to share advice, ideas and of course I LOVE all the crafty stuff out there!

I have lots of new posts just waiting to be typed so stay tuned.


The Graves' House said...

i get it. several people have looked at me like i'm crazy when i tell them i blog. they think i'm putting our personal info out there for all the world to see. we don't have children so i'm sure that makes a difference. glad you stayed on though, we all enjoy reading and i'm sure others would like to get to know you too.

Darlene said...

Hey Jessica! I know a few thing that folks do to keep there blogs more secure. All of these are just observations, and you should of course do what you feel comfortable with!
You could leave this address up for a while, redirecting folks to a new blog that has less personal info. For example, you could rename your blog so that your own name is not in it, and that would help with privacy a lot.
I went through my blog a while ago and removed any and every reference to where I live, any link that might lead to private info about me, even my kids middle names, or ANY reference to my last name.
I never have had a problem, but you never know,right??
I think it is touching that your hubby wants to protect your family. What a good man!!!!

I am glad you are not going private... it kinda takes the fun out of it!!!
good luck!

Darlene said...

oh, yeah! I am sure you have noticed this too, that a lot of people use code names. I don't do that (I like the personal connection), but it could be fun??