Monday, March 02, 2009

Mini Makeover-Big Difference!

The week before Devin turned 2 we decided to put him in a big boy bed but I wasn't sure of how to decorate so I "patched" it with some fabric that I already had but was never really happy with the bedding. He will be 3 in April so I thought it was time to take the patch off and put some thought into it! His nursery was construction themed and there are still some remnants of that in there....

Here is the before pictures:

The room wasn't horrible but it was BLAHHHHHHHH!

Here is the after pictures:
I love his bed! My mom and I found it at antique store and she got it for him for his birthday last year. Not sure how old it is but this is definately a piece that is a keeper! I painted this little step stool for Devin to get up on his bed.
Joe painted this canvas when we were dating and it has been in the garage since we moved into this house but I thought it looked great and was super special for him to have it in his room. Do you see the quilt on the end of his bed? I made this out of t-shirts that his grandparents bought him when he was a baby.
You see his monkey and sheep on the bed? These two are a MUST for him to go to bed!
He loves his chair! Every child needs an Anywhere chair from Potterybarn! (I REALLY don't like cartoon character themed items, but Devin LOVES his stuffed toys!) The letters turned out SO good! The old ones were just "there"
I painted the little box on his dresser to hold all of his lotions, hair combs, toothbrush, nail clippers, etc. He gets so excited that he can brush his teeth whenever he wants!
I love all of the colors!!!! It POPS now!


Darlene said...

oh girl!!!!!! you did a great job!! I love those letters and the bold colors. Your detailing is wonderful, and so much fun.Thanks for sharing. You need to do a close up of the tshirt quilt!!

Melinda said...

Wow! It looks so great. I love all the colors you added. I am sure he loves it too!!

HD said...

The room looks great:) I REALLY like his wall letters! Very cool!!!

Brittany said...

So cute! I love that he has something special that his daddy made in there!

Anonymous said...

The letters turned out great! I love the whole room!


Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

What a cute room! If I were a little boy, I'd be super jazzed to hang out in there. The colors are great!

Betsy said...

Looks great.