Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Baking

Here are SOME of the pictures from Devin's actual birthday... He had sssssoooooooooo much fun helping mommy bake his cupcakes. He kept saying "makin cucakes for my birdtay!?!" HE IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!!!!

"awesome mommy!"

I had to show off my cauuuute new measuring spoons from Anthropologie

mixing the dry ingredients...

right after this Devin was off for his nap and Corbin was up from his...after feeding Corbin mommy did the baking and icing

I'm no cake decorator!

Once Daddy was home from work and after we had dinner it was finally "cucake" time


This was him telling mommy and daddy thank you for the "awesome cucakes" (awesome is his new favorite word)


Brittany said...

You're a good mommy!

HD said...

i think the cupcakes look cute! what a fun b-day!!!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

He IS a cutie!! :) Looks like you made some wonderful memories!! Not to mention very yummy cupcakes too! :)

The Graves' House said...

looks like he had a blast helping you. hope the birthday was a hit! (loving the spoon btw:)