Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love this little picture! Every time I see it I think of my mom... My mom truly has been "Super Mom"! She was the room mom at school, the PTA mom, headed up functions for our church groups, band mom, soccer mom, cheerleader mom, gymnastics mom, softball mom, attended EVERY function we were in, the mom that toted around us and other people kids, hosted sleep overs constantly (and piled us in the van to go TPing-you so rocked for this one), had us all in church every Sunday and Wednesday, could throw a birthday party like nobodys business, played lifeguard so we could have our friends over to swim, drove us to and picked us up from school even though it was close enough for us to walk, always made sure that we sat down for family dinners on Sunday afternoons and weeknights, was always throwing someone at church a baby or wedding shower...and she did all of this for 4 kids while running her own business and being a loving and faithful wife to our father AND still having a social life.


Thank you for being a Godly example of what a wife and mother should be. We didn't always see eye to eye when I was a teenager but now... you are one of the wisest people to grace this Earth! I look to you for guidance so often and you never fail me. You make me strive to be a better person! Anyone can birth a child but you are the true definition of a mother and on top of are my best friend! I pray that when our children are grown they love and respect me as much as I do you.

Love you!

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Kimberly Riggle said...

Good post, Jess! I always had fun at your house growing up. I have to agree with everything you said and, of course, add something of my own. I know we talked about this, but I wanted to remind you of the time at a cheer competition. You, me and our moms...your van. They told us to change in the back of the van. And then told us no one could see 'cause the windows were tinted...but they weren't. Remember that??? Thanks, guys. :) Happy Mother's Day to you both! Love you!