Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joining In On Lampapalooza

The Nester is hosting this great Lampapalooza...I LOVE lamps! I don't care for much "fluff" in a lamp...something simple to give off subtle light will do...

This tiny lamp welcomes you in the Entry Way

There are one of these on each side table in our Front Room

This simple beauty lights our buffet in the front room

One on each night stand in our master bedroom, you see that GORG gold tassle!

This lamp is one of the first items I bought when we were building our home...LOVE IT

Our master bath

Breakfast area side table

Cord covers are so simple but add so much

Kitchen bar, we got this lamp as a wedding present and I still adore it!

A little light by the back door

One on each side table in our family room, I added the "fluff" recently
More cord glam

Guest Bathroom, every bathroom needs a lamp!

Corbin's lamp, I covered the lamp shade and put the lamp on top of this block that I painted from Hobby Lobby. LOVE IT!

Devin's lamp that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby for $7!
...if you were counting there are 17...I told you I loved lamps...


Kimberly Riggle said...

Love them! You crack me up, Jess. :)

Kelly said...

I love lamps too! {"I love lamp"...isn't that what he says in Anchor Man? :)} The lamp that you got as a wedding present...I have 2 of those!! And, they're my FAVORITE!!! I may have to post about all of my lamps, too :)

Becky said...

Wow thats a lot of lamps! But they are all great! Fun stuff. Love the cord covers :-D

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I love seeing all the different lamps that everyone is showing. I too love lamps, luckily I didn't plan ahead for this party, so I only got to show ones that happen to be in other photos for my post. Or I would have shown about 30 of them. And that's not counting the ones I have in storage.

Glitter and Bliss said...

Love them all!!! You have so many fun lamps. Mine are so plain compared to yours. It was so fun to catch up on all your current posts. You boys are sOOOOOOO CUTE!! Dolls..........

The Graves' House said...

i'm telling my hubby there is someone else out there like me! he jokes that i have about as many lamps around the house as i do pillows!!! you've got some great ones.