Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Family Day at the World Aquarium

So...since last Saturday we have been battling Devin having an UTI. I was a little freaked out at first, really how does a 3 year old get that?! The doctor reassured Joe that he could have gotten it very easily and any mother of a little boy know how much they like to "explore" their little boy parts... ; ) He hasn't had a full night sleep in four nights but seems to be doing better with the antibiotics.

He was finally having relief yesterday and he was getting restless in the house so Joe took the day off of work and we took the boys to the World Aquarium about an hour from our home. It was a HIT with all four of us! Corbin was in awe of all of the sounds and loved looking at everything! Devin was SO EXCITED about EVERYTHING!!! When he saw a fish he would scream "FISHIES". When he saw a bird he would scream "BIRDIES". P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S! Joe and I both enjoyed the aquarium but of course the best part for us was enjoying the experience with the boys.

Of course I took a ton of pictures, about 300, so I picked some of my faves to share. Enjoy!

This was hilarious! Just as I was about to take the picture the little crocodile jumped and snapped and Devin and he freaked! Devin kept saying "No crowcodile Daddy! PLEASE NO!"


Brittany said...

We need to take Rhett there. I haven't been there in years. Looks like fun.

HD said...

I love that place! We took Luke when he was about 9 months old on my birthday. We had a BLAST! We really need to go again soon....there are just too many things to do around here, and the weekends are gone before you know it.