Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is what a broken toe looks like...

(the picture is a little blurry but you get the point)

Yes please, call me Grace! So... yesterday morning I had to run and get my address book out of the car, which is in the garage, and on my way back into the house I HIT my left pinkie toe on the vacuum cleaner in the laundry room... The room went black and I got all sweaty and hot and then the PAIN hit! Devin was running in circles around me asking "what's wrong mommy, what's wrong, did you hurt your foot, are you ok mommy...mommy mommy mommy?" I wanted to scream and cry and pass out all at the same time! But I didn't! I suffered in silence so I wouldn't freak out the kids and then crawled to the kitchen table and elevated my foot. I didn't even have to look at it to know that it was broken...

See...when I was in junior high I broke THE SAME toe! You know how when you were a teenager the telephone was your life. Day or night if you were expecting a call or not you RAN to the phone. So...this one day , way back then, I was in the "ladies room" doing "lady" business and the phone rang. So naturally my "business" came to an abrupt end and I managed to get my "underpants" up but my pants were still around my ankles as I went running for the phone in the next room. (maybe this wasn't so lady like) As I entered the room with the telephone I caught my little pinkie toe on the door jam and fell on my face...with my pants around my ankles, my "glory showin", IN PAIN and my little sister laughing HYSTERICALLY at me... I JUMPED up to get the phone and they HUNG UP!

So no, yesterday I didn't need to go the the doctor and have x-rays to know that indeed my poor little pinkie toe was broken and suffering yet again....after I made it to the kitchen table and had my foot elevated I was able to IM Joe, because I couldn't make it to the phone, at work and tell him to please leave work ASAP. Luckily I still had almost a full bottle of prescription Ibuprofen from when Corbin was born and that has helped with the pain but it doesn't solve how a SAHM gets around with a broken toe. Today we were so grateful that my mom was able to come out and help me with the boys! I am pretty confident that I will be able to get around better now that the swelling has gone down but it takes me a while.

I am definitely going to start wearing shoes in the house to protect my little toe!

Enjoy some pictures of my mom giving me a break by playing with the boys out back.


Brittany said...

Poor thing! So sorry. I know how you feel. When my knee was broken, I couldn't get around very well either. Thankfully, my mom came to help that day, too!

HD said...

sorry, i know you are hurting, but that was too funny of a post!
i broke my pinky toe too about 4 months ago. right after we moved dylan to her room, i was carrying her to her bed to put her down for the night, and as i laid her down and turned to leave the room, my toe caught the leg on her bed, and i too felt severe pain shoot through and an intense heat flash. but i couldn't yelp b/c she was sound asleep. my husband tried to tell me it wasn't broken even though it was black and blue all over and in between it. it still is a little sore to this day.
and in high school, i too went running for the phone one evening. and i stubbed my big toe and split the nail down the middle. to this day my nail is still split down the middle. it will not grow back together. i will have to warn dylan of the dangers of running for the phone when she gets older, huh?

Amy said...

Oh man, I am so sorry for you toe!!! I hope it heals fast.

Tara said...

Hi there! I found this post through some broken toe-related links off of my blog (because I broke my pinky toe too). I could feel your pain both times.

How did you bandage it up?