Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Craft & A Preview

Guilty! Yes, I gave in and put up the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving... I just couldn't help myself! I think the Christmas crafting made me give in... Our kitchen Christmas decor is gingerbread men/women, candy, etc. So I made this

I LOVE how it turned out and it looks perfect on the hutch with all my other gingerbread decor!

This is in our front room. I am in love with the sparkle on it, pictures just can't do it justice.

I had to take a second picture to get the "bling" to show.

And now for a little preview of our front room

I got this tree from Dayspring's website. It was a steal of a deal and is beautiful in person!!!

I already had the ornaments and they are gorgeous on the tree

I change up the decor on the tree in this room and I just can't get enough of these ornaments!

And here is the reason we celebrate CHRISTmas

OH, I went ad saw New Moon last night and LOVED it!!!!! I just wish we hadn't been sitting in front of the giggling/screaming teenage girls. So who is ready for Eclipse in June?!?!?! ; )


Brittany said...

Cute gingerbread man and cute fuzzy tree! We need to get together over the holidays as we did last year!

Jessica said...

Yes we do! We need to set it up before we get booked.

HD said...

We put up our tree last night....Marc and the kiddos couldn't resist! And I've been working on decorating the rest of the house too with Xmas stuff:) I am going to keep up a few of my Thanksgiving items though until after Thursday. So, it will be a mix for a few days:) Christmas decor just gets so exciting with the kiddos:) So fun!