Sunday, November 01, 2009

Give Me Some Candy! ; )

Yesterday evening we were invited over to The Harmon's home for an event their community has called the Monster Mile. We always enjoy our time with them! Brittany is an amazing hostess and always makes everything perfect! Jeremy is alright too ; )

The boys went STRAIGHT to the toys when we walked in the front door! I love seeing our boys play together. (Joe and Jeremy have been friends since elementary school and it is sweet that now their boys are playing together)

The kids minus Corbin ready to get some candy

Luke & Dylan

Devin wasn't too sure about Spiderman but he HAD to get that candy

Rhett and his Grandma & Grandpa. PK & Kelly are such sweet people!

I attempted to get a cute luck...

He jibber jabberd most of the way...

Superman...mommy and daddy were alarmed at how tight his tights were...

There were cute blowups, signs and characters everywhere...

Daddy helpin baby Corbin fly

Devin DID NOT want to get any closer to Barney!

Success! (almost)

Do you see how far he is from Blue?!

Sneakin candy...
Rhett wanted in on the action too

Ya know it's time to go when they start takin their clothes off!

Thanks to Jeremy & Brittany for including us in a fun evening with their family!
We love you guys!


Brittany said...

hahahahah! Cracking up at that last pic! Thanks for coming!! We had fun, hope you all did too!

HD said...

We had so much fun:) It was so good to see you guys again and hang out! Happy Halloween:)