Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 1 & 2

We are blessed to have lots of family around us! Wednesday evening we went to my parent's home for dinner. The boys have the run of GG and PaPi's house and had it torn apart in no time!

Look at this sweet face!

My little show off

Mommy & Super D

Uncle Ryan & D

My Dad & Joe...they are messes

GG feeding our never ending pit a banana
(he doesn't have a shirt on because he was playing in the toilet)

PaPi and they boys

Thursday we went to Joe's dad's house and had TONS of great food! Joe's grandparents are in town and it was the first time they have seen Corbin.

Grandpa & C

Corbin is amazed with his reflection

Uncle Nick Playing with D

Grandma playing with D...

Even Aunt Cheryl got in on it
We had a great holiday and are so thankful for our family!

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HD said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!