Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Card Picture

This should be titled "How I Almost Went Crazy While Trying To Get A Good Picture Of The Kids For Our Christmas Card"!!!!

I remember Devin's first Christmas and how much fun it was posing him in front of the tree...oh the days of only having one child... Trying to pose a toddler and a stubborn baby was not so fun. So last week I got the boys all "did up" and started the posing process. I swear it felt like every time I got a good picture of one of them the other one was looking away, had his eyes closed, was crying, looked bored, had a paci in his mouth, looking at the ceiling, was playing with the tree, rubbing his eyes, looking at his brother, telling me he was get the idea... OR the picture was fuzzy!!! Darn camera! I even had Joe stand behind me dancing around like a fool to get a smile from them at the same time. Finally after 120 pictures I gave up and decided just to choose from what we took. I won't share the winning picture yet but I will show some examples of the trauma I put my kids thru.

They sure are some good lookin boys! ; )


HD said...

well, out of the ones you just took, i think there were a couple that were definitely card worthy. very very cute pics:)

Brittany said...

I think some of the ones you posted are cute! Boys will be boys though!