Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly Fun & A TRAIN!

This afternoon before Devin and I went Christmas shopping, while Corbin was spending time with daddy, he wanted to take "Silly Pictures"....

I love how he is turning into such a little man! He is such a joy to be with!

Devin is OBSESSED with trains!!!!! I actually think the word obsessed might be an understatement... I have seen the unfinished wood train pieces at Michael's and thought it would be a neat thing for me to paint and give him for Christmas. He is gonna go nuts for this!


HD said...

don't you love having a son? it's so awesome the relationship between mommy and son:)
btw, your make-up looks awesome in these pics!

Brittany said...

You look too pretty for those to be "silly" pics!

I think I need to make Rhett one of those trains! He would LOVE it!