Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Belated Christmas

What a fantastic Christmas! We decided to do Christmas simple this year, it was all about the boys! This was the easiest holiday season in a LONG time, it gave us time and perspective on what this season is really about.

Christmas Eve it snowed and was beautiful but people in Texas just don't know how to handle inclimate weather...but we ventured out to my FIL's house in spite of it.

The boys looked so handsome and were bundled in their Christmas blankets ready for the drive.

Daddy looked pretty good himself! ; )

...we had to get the toys out immediately and play before dinner... MeMa and PePa's toys are "so cool"...
My FIL and his wife prepared an amazing meal! They are such great hosts and the boys LOVE to spend time at MeMa and PePa's house!

The boys adore their Uncle Nick!

Now to clean up the "old" toys so we can open up the new ones...

....but Corbin just wanted to play in the toy bin...

They had a blast opening their gifts!

That night was an experience driving home...lots of ice...it is usually a 45 minute drive and it took us over 2 hours. BUT WE MADE IT!

Christmas morning the boys woke up and sat on the couch watching the
parade while I put together breakfast quiche and waited for my sister and her husband and my parent's to get here. Last year is the first year EVER that I didn't spend Christmas morning with my parents and it made me sad, so this year my family came to us.

We all sat around in our PJs and watched the boys open their gifts. They were SO excited about their stockings!

Corbin mostly wanted to just sit on everything...

Devin carefully examined every present
Now for the BIG gifts!
Corbin got a tricycle

Devin got a Big Wheel and rode it ALL over the house!

After eating breakfast everyone went home to get ready for Christmas day festivities at my parent's home.

As SOON as we gt to my parent's the boys went straight for great grandpa's lap! This just melts my heart! Our boys have no problem making themselves right at home when at GG and PaPi's...

This is my youngest brother and grandmother
The boys snoopin in the stockings..

I bet you haven't ever seen Santa pick his nose! ; )

...and why wouldn't the boys need more toys...

On Saturday my MIL and her husband came over to celebrate Christmas and my batteries were dead so I have no pictures. : ( The boys got to open presents for the FOURTH time in three days...I really don't think our boys "need" for anything!!!

We truly are blessed by our families!


Brittany said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Oh what a good Christmas! I loved seeing the photos, and haha, no I haven't seen Santa pick his nose. :) I just love how you do the boys hair.