Friday, January 15, 2010

Chipmunk Date

This evening me and a girlfriend, Ashlie, took our kiddos to see "The Chipmunks". Devin has been BEGGING us to buy him a "chipmunk ticket" for weeks!!! I made the mistake of telling him about it yesterday morning and all day yesterday he kept asking when we were leaving for the "movie screen"...
I snapped a quick picture of Devin and Natalie during the previews... I had to capture a picture of Devin's first date. ; )

They were both very interested in the credits at the end of the movie...
Seriously, how cute is my big boy?!?!?!?!?!

This sweet smile makes my heart melt!!

Natalie is such a cutie pie!!!

Devin and Natalie holdin hands... How sweet are they?!?
The kids were AWESOME the entire movie and I look forward to Natalie and Devin's next, chaperoned, date!

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Brittany said...

How cute! Looks like fun!