Monday, January 25, 2010

More Nursery

I have nursery decor on the brain!!!!!!! Now that I have found fabric for the bedding I need to pin point the "theme". I am considering doing vintage cars, planes, boats, trains...not sure. I will have to find the "perfect" pieces to choose the theme.

I painted some frames Saturday and I still need to touch them up and clear coat them but here they are.

Here are the fabrics I found on Saturday

I found the fabrics for the window covering, sheet, the bed skirt and throw pillows

And lastly... I found this rug on clearance!!!

I am so excited to get everything put together but that will have to wait until we get bunk beds and move Corbin into Devin's room... We have already installed shelving and additional clothes rack in Devin's closet and moved all of Corbin's clothes in there. I really think the boys will enjoy sharing a room, they are always excited to get ready together and to sit in Devin's room "reading" books together.

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Miss Anne said...

that is some EXCITING(and CUTE) stuff!!!!