Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festival Fun

Tuesday evening Joe and I took the boys to a local church's fall festival. We went to the same fall festival last year and had such a good time. There was quit a line to get in but the boys kept us entertained...
As usual Westin was chewing on something...
Seriously, how cute is he?!!

Devin was so excited!

Corbin can't stand to wait in lines. (I wonder where he gets that from?) He kept telling us "GO! GO! GO!"


"CHEESE!" I have no idea what he is doing, he is such a goof!

My mom decided to come out, she was on "Westin Duty" so Joe and I could do all the activities with Devin and Corbin. Do you see that SWEET smile on Westin's face? He loves me!

Here is Devin and Evan, they are BFFs!

My Mario was sooooo cute!

Luigi, eating more candy...

Devin is such a good big brother! (and Corbin loves how much his brother dotes on him!)

My girlfriend, Missy, and her son, Evan, met us there. Corbin was fascinated with his costume.

They had a ton of carnival games for the kids to play

Corbin had a mini meltdown...all of the sugar he consumed may have had something to do with that... He has the cutest pouty lip when he cries!
(do you see how thrilled Joe looks)

Go Devin!

Go Corbin!

Snow White was handing out candy

So was Cinderella

Westin PASSED out. Such a sweet baby.

Evan is such a cutie!

Missy and Evan, we are so glad they were able to come with us!

GG insisted on stopping for a picture

Joe is such an amazing father. It is so HOT that he is a good dad!

Baby boy woke up and was ready to go!

The boys rode the swings, you can't really tell from this pic but Devin was holding Corbin's hand so he wouldn't be scared. So sweet!

They had a blast!

Corbin just slouched down in the corner and giggled the entire ride.

Time to go home...

We had such a good time and look forward to next year's festival!

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