Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Outing - Picture Day

Today we went down to the Ft. Worth Stockyards for family pictures. I am in love with the Stockyards! I love the history, the old buildings and the warm rustic feeling. The photographer was running behind with her previous appointment so we took some time to show the boys around.

Last night Corbin fell in the play room and scratched his face up good...go figure! I gave the photographer free reign of photoshopping his pics!
I spent the past month trying to figure out our outfits for today.

I really like dressing the boys like little men. They were so handsome!

Westin was PERFECTly behaved!

Devin loves to show off!

Daddy showed Corbin the horses, he loves "orsies".

Still being a good boy...

There are tons of little "drugstore rides".

I don't think they have ever been on anything like these.

Corbin was too cute, he held on for dear life!

Onto the next ride...

They really enjoyed it!

We happened to be right in front of the cattle drive...

They couldn't believe that there were animals in the street!

We had to wait a good 45 minutes for the photographer and the boys were tired of walking around...

So we sat outside one the restaurants to give the boys a snack and try to occupy them.
Corbin was playing with the camera and took these two pictures of Devin.

He did a pretty good job!

All the while Westin just sat in his car seat looking around.

The photographer got some great shots of the boys, I can hardly wait to see them! We went to lunch after the session and we made it all the way home before anyone had a meltdown! I am so proud of my boys for being ssssooooooo well behaved today, I was certain that one of them wouldn't make it.
Now all three are taking a nap and I am going to take the opportunity to prop my feet up for a bit

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