Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Mario Bros. Halloween

Costumes are done! When I set out to make costumes this year I fully intended to "make" every part of them. I came across a picture online of some kids in jean overalls as part of their costume and I loved it! I think that it looks more modern and much more put together this way. The ONLY place I could find long sleeve shirts in red and green was Land's End website. The shirts were $8.50 a piece and I plan on doing some sort of Christmas applique on them after Halloween. The overalls were a pain to find! Corbin's were easy, you can find size 2T anywhere but 4T, for Devin, were another story! I finally found them on Ebay, I like that they are a different color than Corbin's just like the real Mario and Luigi.

I didn't have a pattern for a hat so I had to make one. They took me about an hour a piece to make.

They look adorable on them!

To cover up the button hooks, and to add a cartoon feel, I cut out circles of stiff felt and attached them with large safety pins. After Halloween I am going to sell the overalls to a kids secondhand store so I didn't want to permanently attach anything them.

And here is little Westin's Toadstool costume. I bought him a white long sleeve onsie and white pants. Again, I am going to decorate them somehow for Christmas or Thanksgiving to get use out of them.

The jacket is made out of Fleece, I didn't even finish off the edges. The yellow trim is double fold bias tape that I sewed on.

This hat is PRECIOUS on him!!!!!! I didn't have a pattern for this hat either. I cut a large circle of white fleece and hand sewed 5 smaller red circles onto it. To make the band I measured his head and cut that length from the edge of the fleece so that there is the factory edge. This way I didn't have to use elastic to "synch" it. (Kids never leave on hats that have elastic in them!) Super simple!

I love their goody boxes! For these I got cardboard shipping boxes, taped the bottom like I would normally and cut off the top folds.

I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory on what I did. Foam sheets are awesome!!!!!

I didn't take a picture of it but I covered the very bottom of them with yellow duct tape to help protect them in case the kids set them down on something sticky or wet.

I wanted the boys to be able to tell whose was whose, because we all know how the "That's mine" game works. I covered the bottom of the inside with green and red, to match their costumes. (I also attached a piece of ribbon for a handle to match their costumes) Around the sides I covered it in black fleece, again to try and protect the cardboard. They are going to be using these on three different evenings so they can't fall apart on them the first night.

I am so pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to post pictures of them wearing them tomorrow evening!


Amy Ro. said...

wow! those are gorgeous and so cute i love handmade costumes, much more personal and unique. I found your blog through the ratatouille party feature at the birthday blog, great job on that too!

Unknown said...

How did you do the boxes? Did you use a certain glue for the lining and ribbons?

Unknown said...

How did you do the boxes? Did you use a certain glue for the lining and ribbons?