Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Family Time

When I look at these sweet face I could burst with joy!

They are just the cutest things ever!

How can you not smile when you see these sweet faces???

This past Saturday my mom went out of town with her girlfriends and left my poor daddy at home all by himself. ; ) I asked him to come out and spend the day with us. We had plans to go to a fall festival but that fell thru.....so we went to a local park instead.

the boys looooove the ducks!
I had the boys wearing the new shirts I made them

they looked so cute in them!

Westin loves to be outside!

I love this baby!!!!!!

Corbin is such a little dare devil, he has NO fear

Devin was too excited about going down the slide to look at the camera

sittin on PaPi's lap watching his brothers

I swear Corbin went down this slide like 100 times!


Corbin refused to WALK up the stairs...

Corbin on the slide....again...

It melts my heart to see my daddy with my boys...

see-saw time


They play so good together...does this mamma's heart good!

The park has these cool swings...I think the boys liked them. ; )

I mean, they REALLY liked these swings!

Corbin was so funny, he kept sliding down to hold on and then he would laugh so hard. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Sweet Westin was still so excited, watching his big brothers.

Corbin is so sweet with Westin. He is always so concerned about Westin and wants to play with him constantly

These two are trouble! ; )

After the park we headed home to watch the Nebraska football game and grill fajitas. It was such a good day! We so enjoyed having PaPi here the entire day! (Devin tried to talk PaPi into spending the night in his room) You can come hang out with us anytime mom leaves you home alone dad. ; )

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