Saturday, June 18, 2011

HELLO! & Westin's 1st

I have been horrible about keeping up with this blog but I plan on doing better.  I probably won't do all my crafty stuff...just pics and stories for family and friends that are out of town.  

How crazy is it that Westin is already a year old!!?!???  He isn't a baby anymore.  : (  He has such a sweet spirit and he LOVES his mommy!  He can jabber an conversation with ya, he is walking REALLY fast, he can keep up with his big brothers and can eat more than them too!
So.....Let's start this off with Westin's 1st birthday party.  
I dressed up the buffet as a memory table.  I displayed his 1st year scrapbook, a photo book with pictures from his birth day, an imprint of his hand and a collage of the monthly pics I took of him.
I may have crafted a few things for the party...and I may have started crafting in January...

I kept the table pretty simple...
a little something hanging from the light fixture in the kitchen
the favor buckets filled with bath time goodies: a monster duckie, 
bubble bath and a BRIGHTLY colored loofah
He was so excited that morning!  He knew something special was going on.
The cake "table".  I was in love with how adorable this cake was!  A good friend's mom made it.  
She is a cake genius!
I made cupcake toppers.  I put googly eyes EVERYWHERE!
 Here is the front of the invitations, made by mommy.
Look at the adorable smash cake she made for him!
Here is the food table.  Lots of yummy treats!

the birthday boy's highchair got special attention too!

I told you I put googly eyes everywhere!

Drink Station
Here is the birthday boy again waiting for the party to get going.  Isn't he adorable??????!!!!!

Of course Corbin had to get in on the picture taking!
Westin & Daddy, I love this man!!!  I think it's hot that he is a good father!

Auntie Jenn & Westin.  This September she is giving Westin a cousin to play with!

GG & PaPi with the birthday boy
I got these cute monster masks for the kids to wear.  They had a blast with them!  They would put them on and run around "ROOOAAARing" at eachother.

He loves his new chair!  He actually sat in it the entire time he opened presents!

He got this adorable lawn chair with his name embroidered on it from his friend Rhett.
He wasn't too sure about the cake at first...
but little by little
he got the hang of it
she even colored the inside of his smash cake!

I told you he got the hang of it!
She swirled color in the cake too!
I think he liked it...
 time to clean up

The party was so much fun and we appreciate everyone that made it out!  
Taking time to create memories is so important!


HD said...

everything looked adorable as usual:) i can't believe he's 1!

Jazz K said...

Adorable! The googly-eyed cups are genius!! Where did you get those cute monster masks?