Friday, September 09, 2005

The First Peek At Our Baby

The ultrasound was so amazing! It definitely made being pregnant real to us seeing the baby for the first time. We were able to see the umbilical cord and the almost human shape of the baby's body and we could see the heart beating. AMAZING! I couldn't help but to tear up a little... Joe was hoping that we would have twins and asked the doctor if she "saw two in there". All of the blood work the doctor did last week came back normal. I have been loosing quit a bit of hair when I wash my hair so the doctor had me give more blood to check my thyroid. The due date did get moved back to the 28th of April, but it is only 10 more days than she originally thought. My next appointment is on October 5th, I will post more updates then.

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Gotblogger said...

Oh my goodnees! Oh my goodness! I'm so happy for y'all!