Sunday, September 11, 2005

Daddy's Girl

Today was a great day! Ever since my dad started working night shift it seems to get harder and harder for my side of the family to arrange a time to get together... Well today is my Dad's birthday and he actually had the day off! Joe and I went down to my parent's for lunch and had a really nice time visiting with family. It is amazing how the older you get the more you grasp how much your parents love you and how much of themselves they have given to better their children... Now there is no other man on this Earth that I love more than my husband...but my daddy...there is an enormous gushy place in my heart just for him! It never feels like I get to see enough of him... Sometime next week he may be going to Mississippi/Louisiana for a while to work with some guys repairing roofs. I have to be honest in saying that I felt a little bit of "Selfish Jessica" come out when I heard that my daddy would be going away for possibly a year while I am pregnant with his first grandchild... But this would be a financial blessing for my parents and heavens knows that my parents deserve that. So I guess I won't be mad. ; ) Well I think that is enough for today. Hope you had a great birthday dad!

ABOVE: Dad making his birthday wish

ABOVE: Jenn, Clinton and Stacy

ABOVE: Grandma & Grandpa King

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