Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is It Coming This Way Or What

So the course of Hurricane Rita has changed...The latest word is that it will hit at the Texas and Louisiana border. I don't know how they are ever going to get Louisiana cleaned up if it keeps flooding... The good thing is the worst of it will miss the DFW area but we will have strong winds and possible flooding. This evening Joe and I filled our cars up with gas and went to Target to stock up on paper goods, water and non perishable foods just in case we loose power or experience heavy rains and flooding. I can't believe how crazy all of this is! Most of the shelters in the Dallas area for Houston and Galveston evacuees are full and the ones just getting here are being directed to Oklahoma. My heart goes out to these people who have been sitting in gridlock for hours trying to get out of harms way and once they get here there is no room for them... I guess all we can do is bunker down and pray for the best!

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