Thursday, September 22, 2005

Special Lady

Well, Grandma Grone came out of surgery wonderfully! I just talked to mom and she had called Grandma earlier today and mom says that she is in great spirits! Grandma went in for knee replacement today and we pray for a speedy recovery for her! I will definitely need to call her this evening and make sure that she is enjoying her flowers. Every time I send her flowers she tells me thank you but that I don't need to spend my money on things like that. But I think she deserves them!
I was looking through my Yahoo photobook and saw these pictures of the day Joe and I told my family that we are expecting... Now the ones of Jennifer and Clinton crack me up! My sister and I are enormous cheese balls when it comes to taking pictures, we love them! As you can see Clinton got tired of having his picture taken after the first one...
ABOVE: Stacy, me & Jenn

ABOVE: Derrick & Stacy

ABOVE: Clinton & Jennifer

ABOVE: Clinton & Jennifer again

ABOVE: Clinton & Jennifer and again

ABOVE: Clinton & Jennifer and yet again

ABOVE: Clinton & Jennifer yes again

ABOVE: Clinton & Jennifer and once more

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