Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baby Fever

So it has officially hit me! I have baby fever and I am dying to know what the sex of the baby is so I can start preparing for our son or daughter! One of the pregnancy websites I frequently visit counts down to the due date and today we have 184 days left. I do have to confess that I just purchased two unisex sleeper outfits and oh my word they are precious! They are terrycloth and super soft on the inside and I even included pictures of them. ; ) Now I know I promised Joe that I wouldn't start with the madness of shopping for the baby until we find out the sex but I just couldn't help it anymore.
Nothing else going has been a little hectic but I can deal. As much as I sometimes complain about the not so enjoyable portions of my day I really do enjoy what I do. It isn't a demanding job it can just be frustrating with some of the personality differences.
Joe is really excited about work right now! He seems to love what he does and is really exciting about some new projects. Joe and Bruce really push one another, they have an amazing relationship. Joe is going to be an incredible father!

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