Monday, October 10, 2005

Family Filled

What a great weekend! Friday night Joe and I vegged out at the house, ate dinner and watch Cold Mountain. (what a horribly depressing movie!) Saturday we did some cleaning around the house but we tried not to work too hard. That evening we went to my parents for dinner. Mom made a really great brisket and we sat around chatting and playing cards. Brady and Ryan weren't there for dinner, Brady was at a band competition and Ryan was with his friend in Waxahachie. I think Ryan "thinks" he is too cool to hang out with us kind of makes me sad that him and Brady are so grown up now...they aren't my little bubbas anymore... It was so great to see dad and I know that mom was so happy to have him home for the weekend! Sunday evening Barbara and Mike came out for dinner. We played this super fun game but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me! Barb brought an early gift for the baby, a little plush elephant that has a rattle in it and a caterpillar rattle that wraps around the baby's wrist. Too cute! She also brought out some pics of when she visited Gina and when she was in Ohio for Grandma & Grandpa White's 50th Anniversary, which I have posted below. After Barb and Mike left we watched our Sunday night favorite tv show "Grey's Anatomy". We love this show!!!!
So that is our weekend, hope you all had a great one!

ABOVE: Grandma & Grandpa White

ABOVE: Gina & Barbara

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