Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I have been slacking on my posts for the week and I apologize! This week so far has been a bearable one...not really anything to report for Monday. Yesterday was our company wide Community Day and my team was at the Salvation Army on Cedar Crest in South Dallas. It turned out to be a super productive day and I think we all left feeling like we had done something great! The director of the site was such a kind man and thanked us over and over again, it is so impressive that the people at the community center give their lives to servicing the underprivileged of their community and really love it! I would be very interested in participating in something like this again!
This weekend is Asher's first birthday party and I am so excited about it! I can't believe that he is already a year old...time flies way too fast! Amy and Stephen are finding out the sex of the baby on Friday so they are going to announce it at the party!
QUESTION: Have you ever known a couple, dating or married, that you thought was absolutely perfect for each other. I am talking about that kind of couple that you just knew they were going to be together for eternity and then something happens and they decide to go there separate ways... Well my truly perfect of a couple friends have come to this decision. True that I don't know all of the circumstances and details of their decision but I have this enormous aching in my heart over this. I am truly so sad to see these two people end things. I love them both dearly and want nothing but happiness for them both...I just really wanted them together.

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