Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Joe!

Today was Joe's 26th birthday! It is pretty crazy to think that we were both barely 20 when we started dating and 6 years later we are married, in our first home and expecting our first child.
After work Joe and I met Bruce and Mary for dinner at Boston's. It was nice to get to visit with them, they are always on the go and it is sometimes hard to pin them down. Joe and his dad have a great relationship and I am so happy that Joe has such a great example of what a good father is!
Speaking of great dad called me this morning! It was so good to hear his voice! He seems to be doing very well, he said that he is more than likely going to come home to visit this weekend because mom can't live too long without him. ; )
Joey, I hope you had a great birthday! I love you bunches!

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