Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Exciting Life We Live

So the past few days have been pretty hohum...nothing exciting to report. Joe and I have both been a little worn out when we get home in the evenings. We have a pretty full weekend coming up! Friday night Stacy and Derrick are going to come over and we are going to go out for dinner. Saturday I am going to a Leadership Training class for Avon and Saturday night Joe and I are going over to Jeremy and Brittney's house. Jeremy and Joe have been friends since they were kids, they have the kind of friendship that Amy and I have...the kind that you don't have to see that person every weekend to stay close. Sunday afternoon Joe and Nick are going to be moving a piece of furniture from his dad's storage unit to our house, that isn't going to be fun! I am meeting with Barbara and my Avon Executive Leader to sign Barbara up as a sales rep. for Avon. I am so excited about having my first recruit! Hopefully Joe and Nick will be done with moving the furniture by than and they can come over to Barb and Mike's. So Joe and I will have no time for just us this weekend but I guess we should start getting used to that with a little one on his/her way!

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