Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Our House Guest

It has been really nice having Gina stay with us! Joe and I have never had a house guest and it's kind of weird having to stay dressed all of the time to walk around the house but we are really loving her company! Yesterday at work I wasn't felling very well so I left a few minutes early and went home and laid down. By the time Joe and Gina got home I felt a little better...I think I was just really tired. Joe and Gina went to the store to get stuff to make french bread pizza and then we watched the Road to Perdition, which completely sucked! Gina and I agreed that it was a waste of a good chunk of life. The house is going to seem a little empty when she is gone... : ( She has this great personality and you can't help but to love her to death! I wish she wasn't leaving so soon but I am glad that we had this chance to spend some real time with her!
So this weekend is going to be a busy one! Friday night we are having Seth & Missy and Adam & Ruthann over for dinner, Saturday afternoon we are suppose to get together with Billy, Julie and little Jackson and then Saturday night we have a Thanksgiving potluck to go to at Stephen and Amy's house....and guess what we are doing on Sunday....a whole bunch of NOTHING!
So from the voting this far the majority thinks that this baby is going to be a girl... The suspense is driving me crazy! Only 16 more days...

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Mom said...

What? It looks like the majority thinks this baby is a boy!!!