Friday, December 09, 2005


For once the weatherman was right! Here in Texas we don't experience much cold weather and anything below 60 degrees is cold to us! Wed and Thurs we were off of work due to icy roads and it was so wonderful to have two days off of work without having to use PTO! Joe and I did a lot of sitting around, building fires and watching was nice not to have to be anywhere or do anything! Well we did do one thing...we went to the doctor yesterday and we found out the sex of the baby!!!!!!! I won't post the sex on the blog until I have a chance to tell my dad when he is in town this weekend. I am DYING to just blab it to everyone! The baby's ankles were crossed so we weren't able to tell at first but as soon as I rolled onto my left side the sono tech got the money shot! The baby's heartbeat was 150 and my tummy measured 22 inches.
Check back on Monday for the posting of the sex!

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Anonymous said...

Any one who says "money shot" must know it's a boy! I was really pulling for a girl, but how fun that Jackson can have another boy to rough-house with! :) We are soo happy for you both!

Love, Julie & Billy