Monday, February 27, 2006

In A Blink

It's Monday morning and I am already exhausted! Most of this weekend was spent sleeping or lying on the couch and I still feel like I didn't sleep a wink. Friday night I was in bed by 8 PM and didn't get out of bed on Sat. until around 11:30 AM. I am more tired in my last trimester than I was in my first! Sat. night we went to my Aunt's house in Forney to celebrate my Grandfather's 81st birthday. We had a nice time visiting but I was on the couch most of the time with my feet propped up because they were so swollen. Sunday Joe hung the new light fixture in the dinning room and picked up some necessities for us at Target. My feet were and are still so swollen that I can't get shoes on. My doctor said that it is normal for my feet to swell on and off in this part of my pregnancy but I may give her a call today just to make sure they are suppose to be swollen this long... This weekend we are going to have a garage sale and give the house a deep cleaning before our first baby shower with our family on the 11th.
Did anyone watch Dancing With The Stars last night? I was so excited that Drew and his partner won, they were so good! And of course I watched Grey's Anatomy, I can't believe that Meredith slept with George!

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Jennifer said...

I was all over the ABC lineup for Sunday! I was so glad Drew and Cheryl won! They were awesome! And Grey's Anatomy...Meredith? What the heck were you thinking? Ugh!

I love that show!