Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Return of Heartburn

I just thought that the heartburn I had in my first trimester was bad! It seems like no matter what I eat lately I always end up with it! I need to be more faithful in taking the Nexium everyday but between the 2 prenatal vitamins a day and the Singular the Nexium gets forgotten...

Jenn came and had lunch with me today. She has been so busy lately with work and church that we hardly ever get to see her so this was a very special treat for me! This afternoon I had some free time so I put together some packets for family with all the information that they will need to get to the hospital on the big day. (maps, phone #s, etc.) I know that all I ever talk about is the arrival of Devin but words can't describe how much I am looking forward to meeting him! I think instead of making a million calls on the big day we may just send a text message to everyone's phone to notify them...I know that Joe doesn't want to be stuck on the phone all day.

Today is Ryan's 19th Birthday, I called him first thing this morning and sang him Happy Birthday...oh to be 19 again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!


Jennifer said...

Girl, if I were carrying a watermelon in my belly, that's all I would talk about too!

And besides, we're all looking forward to Devon's arrival too! :)

It was nice to meet your sister...she's a cutie!

Gotblogger said...

Awwww...what a cute picture!